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Turkish investors on prospection in Cameroon

A Turkish delegation of more than 30 companies were in Cameroon from 1 to 5 October 2023 as part of a trade mission and B2B meetings between Turkish and Cameroonian companies. The aim of the mission was to explore possible investment opportunities in Cameroon. For 5 days, Turkish investors met Cameroonian businessmen and women to discuss possible business projects and partnerships.

During the opening ceremony, Cameroon's Minister of Trade, Mr. Luc Magloire MBARGA ATANGANA, stated that the structural transformation of Cameroon's economy is open to investors and facilitates trade and regional integration. He also pointed out that Cameroon, as the gateway to the Central African sub-region, has a vast market with a potential of nearly 1.3 million consumers, where products move freely from one zone to another without any barriers.

Speaking at the event, Turkey's ambassador to Cameroon, His Excellency VOLKAN ISIKCI, reassured his compatriots and urged investors to seize every opportunity to do business in Cameroon, as the country has great potential and untapped resources.

The representative of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce pointed out that Cameroon exports cocoa, coffee, oil, rubber, etc. to Turkey, and that many Turkish products are imported into Cameroon. And he hoped that the two countries would take advantage of the opportunities to invest and do good business.

The head of the Turkish trade delegation, who is also the Deputy Secretary General of the Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters' Association, MUHARREM KAYILI, echoed the ambassador, saying that they were ready to exploit business and investment opportunities and that he was optimistic that the meeting would open more doors for both parties and lead to a win-win situation.


(Source: Summary of Cameroon Tribune No. 12951 of Thursday, 05 October 2023)