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EPA : How to better export to the EU ?

A training seminar organised by the Delegation of the European Union (EU) on exporting to the EU under the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) between Cameroon and the European Union raped up last 23 November. This seminar was targeted at private operators. "You have good products here, but sometimes you do not know how to get them into the EU market," Kathrin RENNER, Economic and Trade Affairs Officer at the EU Delegation in Cameroon told participants.

The main thrust of the seminar was the presentation of an electronic portal dubbed the website, which contains a lot of information on exporting to the European Union. The site contains, inter alia, all the requirements concerning the various products, namely: labelling, stamping, restrictions and so on. Producers of dried pineapple, cassava or any other commodity can access the website for their product code and the conditions that are specific to the sector. An online demonstration was made on the training website.

Attendees were invited to explore the markets of EU countries other than France and Belgium. The website contains contacts of companies, chambers of commerce and commercial spaces.

(Culled from Cameroon Tribune No. 11482 of 27 November 2017)