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Transit of goods

The Cameroonian authorities have allocated a 10-hectare piece of land within the Douala Port to Chadian importers.  The piece of land will serve as a logistics base for transit operations and help secure goods bound for Chad. According to Edwin Fongod Nuvaga, Director General of Cameroon Customs, this is one of the solutions to the problems raised by the Chadian customs. "This will not only help to decongest the Port of Douala, streamline operations but also secure goods in transit," he said.

The Director General of Cameroon Customs was speaking during a consultation meeting between the two administrations on improving transit between Cameroon and Chad. "Chad will not leave Cameroon," Colonel Ousmane Adam Dicki, Director General of Customs and Inland Revenue of Chad said. The consultation meeting held as a follow-up to the Memorandum of Understanding on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters signed on 24 August 2016 by both parties. Credit for the many progress made so far goes to the abovementioned MoU, notably the operationalisation of the advanced Chadian Customs Office in Douala, the development of the single transit document, the free movement of raw commodities between both countries, the provision of a toll-free number to be used to report, to the Cameroon customs, cases of harassment along the Douala-Ndjamena corridor

(Source: Cameroon Tribune No. 11759 and 11760 of 10 and 11 January 2019)