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Rice sub-sector : avenues to recovery

Recent studies on rice show that, in 2017, the sub-sector witnessed a trade balance deficit of about 184 billion CFA francs, representing an import volume of 628,400 tonnes of white rice. The deficit exceeded the 135 billion CF mark in 2010.

The national production of paddy rice, which was estimated at about 33 tonnes in 2017, is almost stagnant since 2011 despite the country's enormous potential arable land. The situation is all the more worrying given that rice plays a crucial... Read more

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Douala-Ndjamena Corridor: World Bank support

The World Bank Director of Operations in Cameroon, Elisabeth Huybens, held a working session with the Cameroon Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe on 5 December 2018. The meeting, which was also attended by transport sector experts focused on cooperation between the two entities in the air and rail transport sectors, infrastructure and railway services modernisation and urban mobility.

Both parties discussed issues related to the development of the Douala - N'Djamena... Read more

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Transit Trade : Chad and Cameroon on a common front

The difference between conventional and non-conventional transit trade is based on the fact that the former is a regime of transport between two countries found in the same sub-region (e.g., the Douala-Ndjamena Corridor) whereas the latter is practised between two countries in different sub-regions. It is the case with Nigeria where some goods bound for Chad pass through Cameroon and vice-versa.


It was to discuss the difficulties obstructing the smooth flow of transit... Read more