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International trade

The Kribi Mutipurpose Terminal (KMT), a subsidiary of the Philippine company, International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) is the new concessionaire of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK). The group, which is headed by Ms. Kathy Magne, signed its concession contract on 27 July 2020 with PAK at the PAK headquarters in Kribi in the presence of the Senior Divisional Officer for the Ocean Division, representing the Government of Cameroon.

The concession contract will run for 25 years. The local branch of the ICTSI Company that has been empowered to manage the PAK multipurpose terminal is specially designed to offer multipurpose services to shipping companies, including road freight, industrial and heavy cargo, forest products, dry bulk and other general cargo. KMT will also provide support services to the oil and gas industry.

For the PAK General Manager, this is a new beginning. “From today, ICTSI, more precisely its subsidiary - KMT, is a full member of the dynamic, cooperative, rich and innovative Kribi port community”. He added that the port information system (PIS) set up by the PAK is a quality interface where all information is available. He described the Kribi port multi-purpose terminal as a "Boulevard of opportunities to be used and developed".

(Source: Excerpt from Cameroon Tribune No. 12147 of July 28, 2020)