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Timber export

The Cameroon Customs recently launched an operation to control the regularity of timber export-related foreign trade operations. The endeavour dubbed "Operation Fight II legal Timber Trade Export", will be carried out in concert with the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife. It has three objectives, namely to combat the laundering of national timber through fake transit, to optimise and enhance export earnings, and finally to improve timber-related foreign trade statistics.


Cameroon is endowed with more than 300 timber species, of which around 80 are exploited for commercial purposes. Given that these species are highly prized on the world market, it was important to secure same by putting in place a system to combat illegal activities. Three regions namely, the East, the Littoral and the South have been identified for this operation. These regions abound in many species and are consequently more exposed to illegal practices. Also, lumber yards and industrial areas will be equipped with control devices.


For the success of the operation, the various teams will be given the requisite logistics, offices and rolling stock. In terms of spin-offs, the operation is expected to generate added value in export earnings and thus reverse the trade balance on this side. Indeed, according to the 2019 report on foreign trade in Cameroon, timber in its various forms fetched some 10.6% of Cameroon’s export earnings, which stood at 2,397.8 billion FCFA, with 7% for sawn timber and 3.6% for wood logs.

 (Source (Synopsis): Cameroon Tribune No.12181/8380 of Thursday, 17 September 2020)