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In order to offer maritime cargo transport services to Cameroonian shippers while enhancing the performance of maritime transport in Cameroon, Patrice Melom, General Manager of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) and his peer Cyrus Ngo’o, General Manager of the Port Authority of Douala (PAD) signed a joint decision on 24 August 2020 to reorganise the project team for a streamlined coordination of the actions taken to organise a cabotage service between the ports of Kribi, Douala and Limbe.

The purpose of the team is to ensure a smooth coordination of actions carried out within the framework of maritime cabotage service delivery between the ports of Kribi, Douala and Limbe in the South West Region of Cameroon. It will make proposals and pilot all the actions that are required to set up the new cabotage route. Pending the work of the project team, CAMSHIP CLGG has announced that a cabotage service is already planned to take place between Kribi and Douala in September 2020.

The new service will use small vessels to dispatch goods offloaded at the Kribi port by large ships that cannot access the Douala river port. It is indeed a key activity in the complementarity policy of Cameroon ports.

(Source: Synthesis Business in Cameroon 22 September 2020)