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On 3 November 2020, the cabotage vessel of the Cameroonian company Camship-CLGG performed its inaugural trip of the weekly Kribi-Douala cabotage line. “This project saw the light of day following incessant requests by our customers involved in imports and exports, and even the main shipping lines. The fairly high volume of containers coupled with a high road accident rate, road transport could no longer satisfy customers’ needs”, Angelique Beatrice Touenguene, Deputy General Manager of CAMSHIP-CLGG said.

The long-awaited cabotage will enable large vessels that are unable to access the port of Douala because of the low draught of the inland waterway to unload goods in Kribi. According to the operations schedule, every Tuesday, a ship will depart from the container terminal of the deep seaport of Kribi. Every Saturday, another vessel will depart from the Port of Douala.

After Kribi and Limbe ports that now enjoy cabotage services thanks to Camship-CLGG, port authorities intend to extend the services to the Port of Limbe, in the Southwest. To this end the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) and the Port Authority of Douala (PAD) reached a joint decision on 24 August 2020. This decision aims at reorganising the project team “whose objective is to coordinate and optimise the actions carried out for the implementation of a maritime cabotage service between the ports of Kribi, Douala, and Limbe.

(Source: Excerpt from Cameroon Business of 9 November 2020)