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Cargo transport : CNSC logistics base under construction in Kousséri

Cameroon is a transit hub because its ports receive goods on transit to landlocked countries like Chad and the Central African Republic. On 13 February 2018, the Cameroon National Shippers' Council (CNSC) under the stewardship of Mr. Auguste Mbappe Penda, proceeded to the laying of the foundation stone of the Kousséri Logistics Base in the Far North Region of Cameroon. Kousséri, which is located along the Cameroon-Chad corridor, is a trade hub between these two countries. This explains why the event was also attended by a delegation from Chad Shippers' Council (COC-Chad) led by its General Manager Mr. Moustapha Nour Mahamat.

The project will be delivered in 2022. The facility that will cover 4.5 hectares shall comprise an administrative block, a car park with a capacity of more than 200 trucks, a 60-room accommodation centre, a restaurant and a borehole for drinking water. The construction of the Kousseri logistic base will provide safe storage for goods and improve the conditions of transporting them from Cameroon to Chad and also to Nigeria, which has a long border with Cameroon.

It will also host CNSC's Far North Regional Office whose mission is to facilitate administrative procedures by issuing the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN). That way, business persons will no longer have to go to Douala to obtain the ECTN -   an indispensable foreign trade operation document.

The construction of the Kousséri Logistics Base is in line with one of the recommendations of the 2nd Chad-CAR-Cameroon Tripartite Forum that held in N'djamena in December 2017. During the said forum themed the facilitation of cargo transit through Douala and Kribi ports it was recommended that the CNSC should expedite the establishment of trucker accommodation centres.

(Source Cameroon Tribune No. 11537/7736 of 15 February 2018